Manifest Your Desires

Information, books, articles, videos and all manner of media exist to tell, show and help in the manifestation of desires. The release of The Secret video and book brought the whole idea of manifestation and creating one’s own reality to the forefront of mass consciousness. For the first time in recorded history, ordinary people began a campaign to change their lives using the power of mind, mental imagery and visualization in an attempt to achieve desired changes.

Recently, a woman won $112 in a lottery by visualizing winning that amount. Apparently, she visualized this each night to lull herself to sleep. The end result is that she did in fact win the lottery and now has the life of her dreams.

The obvious question is what did she do that made this work? What is missing from what everyone else does?

Two current popular paths to success are embodied in the Seth books by Jane Roberts and a closely aligned process from the Abraham Hicks materials channeled through Esther Hicks. The explanations Seth gave through Jane Roberts make more sense and seem more useful than anything else I have found, although the Abraham materials are also excellent and have a huge following. Both Seth and Abraham essentially support the same concept using different words and slightly different processes, but both maintain the tenet that changing one’s reality is indeed possible and give specific instructions to accomplish that goal. Both contend that any circumstance, no matter how dire, can be changed for the better.

Many people who champion the virtues of visualization contend that the energy of the universe is neutral, waiting to be transformed to good or not, depending on the emotions, beliefs and pictures attached or connected with it.

Seth says that the energies of the universe are predisposed to HELP us! Think of that! The energies of which our world and its contents, including our personal possessions, are composed are truly energies designed to love, support and actually help us. The Abraham Hicks materials support that view, stating frequently “There is much love for you here.”

So how exactly is it possible to access these energies to help us?

The key to success is clear imaging in great detail, truly feeling the accomplishment of the mental video and knowing (trusting, believing) that this is a video of your life. If you can imagine it, you can become it is the core of this process.

An easy way to think about the process is to imagine that whatever you want is on Amazon, that you have found exactly what you want, placed your order and are just waiting for it to be delivered. There is no doubt that your delivery is on the way. The only question is when you will receive it. That is precisely where the issue of trust comes in. Knowing that it is ordered and will be delivered when the time is right constitutes the trust.

Abraham’s premise is that desires are placed in the vortex of energy; Seth says that Framework 2 is where the construction of desires takes place. When enough energies have collected to manifest the blueprint, then it materializes into our reality. The process is similar to building a house. The blueprint determines the ultimate shape of the house, which is finished when everything is in place and all the little details are completed. The image created for manifestation likewise becomes real when enough energies are gathered to coalesce it into reality in a form we recognize as a real object or whatever the desire is.

Doubt is the inhibitor of results and negates the creative energy directed toward the goal. Abraham says you get what you put your attention on, whether it is what you want or not. If your attention is on only what you want, it can be built and delivered sooner rather than later. If your attention is on what you do not want, that too is what comes into your world.

So the real secret is to keep your attention focused on exactly what you do want to the exclusion of all else, believe that it is being created just for you and that the delivery is imminent.