Business and Personnel Consultation

Medical Intuitive ConsultingIt is unusual to find a psychic who has down to earth business and personnel experience. Accurate psychic information uses a composite of the psychic’s background and experience to better interpret the information being received.

Being the co-owner of two franchised employment services which evolved into executive search firms, specializing in manufacturing and other large businesses provides a unique understanding of how corporations of businesses work from the inside out and from the top to the bottom. This enables me to understand in a very different way what I am seeing in terms of companies, career development, etc.  The timing may be off, but the events I see almost always happen.

Having hired and trained hundreds of consultants whose primary function is to sell and to make the right matches again provides a unique insight into the human condition in the world of work, a background which enables my readings to have a different, more accurate interpretation than those who do not have this kind of experience.

Additionally, I co-owned and operated a metaphysical bookstore/ personal development center which taught more than I ever wanted to know about retail.

During most of this time, I was actively doing intuitive readings, surprising myself with how resourceful I had become in terms of business ideas. What happened is that if clients followed my ideas, their success increased dramatically. If not, then the opposite happened.

One client reminds me yet today that I told her “You’re fired. You just don’t know it yet.” The good news is that she got a huge settlement and will never have to work again.

In yet another case, with a close friend, I said “ Girl, you’d better get your resume updated and start looking now.” Her response was “I can’t. My daughter is getting married and I have too much to do.” I replied, “Then don’t come crying to me in April when you don’t have a job, because it will be your own fault.”  That is precisely what happened.