Remote Viewing

Remote ViewingActively developed by both the Soviet Union and the United States during the “cold war” as a means of undetectable covert spying on each other, remote viewing books and classes are now offered in most large cities.

A simplistic definition of remote viewing is projecting one’s consciousness to a given area, developing the ability to “see” what is there.  Remote viewing is different from astral projection, which actually involves a part of the spirit leaving the body to visit another place, in which case, the astral body can be seen by those present in the second location.

In remote viewing, since only the consciousness is projected, there is nothing to be detected visually or by any measuring device currently in existence.

Remote viewing is one of the components of the Psychic Development course offered at the ARE each year.  As in all other facets of developing abilities and skills, remote viewing requires practice and feedback to develop to a high degree.