11 May 2014

Association for Research and Enlightenment
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Dear Administrative Supervisor:

I am forwarding this letter as a follow up to my phone call, to A.R.E. on Friday, 9 May as a letter of reference ICO Mrs. Judy Morales, who is registered with A.R.E as a psychic dealing with spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

I have on several occasions sought the help of Judy in dealing with my family who had been going thru a very difficult time. I do not want to belabor the point of specifics other than to say it was a very bleak scenario. Ms. Morales has a spiritual connection of which I had complete confidence in her ability to change the situation from a negative to a positive.

I called her the other day to give her an update as to how everything was going, after our session which was about 6 months ago. I was able to pass on to her the absolutely beautiful change that has taken place within the family, and the circle of Love that was not there before, and is now being manifested thru her intercession.

Judy Morales is a gifted spiritual person who I highly recommend to anyone seeking assistance.

Very respectfully,


Judith Morales has been a godsend in my life. For the last 3 years since Judith started doing healing work for me I have been constantly amazed by and grateful for her wonderful kindness and talent. Incredibly Judith has completely and permanently corrected the scoliosis that affected my spine my entire life. Now I have beautiful posture and most importantly, I am not in pain any longer. Last year I had terrible sciatica in my lower back and down both my legs. After just a bit of work Judith cleared it right up and now I am good as new. No drugs no surgery just Judith doing Yuen Engergetics. She always knows just what is going on in my life and my body, helping her to correct the issue in exactly the right manner be it a physical problem, an emotional problem or a combination of both.

Hi Judith,

I wanted to tell you about an amazing experience I had from your healing session. I spoke to you in March of 2012 concerning helping me with a dental bone graft that had just been implanted.  I could tell it wasn’t integrating with the bone structure and requested a Yuen session.  By the end of the session I felt the graft almost fall into place, it was light tingling sensation and some very subtle movement.

Three months later I asked my dentist if the bone graft was ready to accept the dental implant and he sent me for a CT scan, the scan came back as inconclusive but the technician who read the scan recommended that I use a short implant as opposed to the standard length because he felt there wasn’t enough bone for the implant to be fully inserted.

I made an appointment with my dentist and the implant was inserted but somehow during the surgery a nerve on the left side of my face was stretched or accidentally hit and I was unable to fully open my jaw. After two weeks of this, I called you again to work on the implant and to release whatever was restricting my jaw. The first thing you said to me was” your body is telling me, you rushed this and it wasn’t ready for the implant.  (That was 100% accurate, I did rush the procedure because I was ending my job and I wanted to make sure that this procedure was covered by my dental insurance.)

Then you worked on my jaw and within 15 minutes I was able to open 98% of my jaw and a few days later the jaw was back to normal. The x-rays afterwards showed that the bone graft had healed so well, it looked like normal bone and I actually could have used the standard longer implant. My dentist was quite surprised with the x-ray and said he may need to use your services on his other patients. I can’t explain the how or the why but I truly appreciate your gift and I thank you for helping me.

Patty M

Hi Judith,

I am 79 years old and I was experiencing difficulties renewing my driver’s license due to failing the vision test. I went to the Registry of Motor Vehicles on Thursday morning and though the woman was very nice she felt saddened to tell me that I did not pass the vision test. This would be a hardship for me so the Registry allowed me to submit a vision test from my own Physician.

You were able to treat me on the Saturday before my appointment with the eye physician on Monday morning. You spent time working on my eyes with your technique of Yuen Energetics. I live in Massachusetts and though you were in Texas you were able to assure me that this energy technique would be helpful to improve my vision.

On Monday morning my own physician examined my eyes and stated that my vision was absolutely fine for driving and that there were drivers on the road that had much worse vision that I had on that day. He gave me a letter indicated that I PASSED the test. I took it right over to the Registry and they issued my new license.

THANK YOU so much Judith! I am so grateful that I can still maintain my independence through driving.

I just wanted to let you know the great news!

Warmest regards,


X-rays showed two narrow discs and one bulging disc in the lower lumbar area which resulted in a great deal of pain. As a Registered Nurse, I know that this diagnosis is incurable and usually requires surgery for even minimal relief. At my age, I did not want surgery, I decided to try the Yuen Method of Energetic Healing described to me by Judith Morales. The first xray was July, 2007. In October and November of 2007, Judith did two Yuen sessions on the back. In February of 2009, an MRI showed no abnormality at all in the lumbar region. I am pain free and very happy with Judith’s treatments.


I had never met Judith Morales before my first session with her. So you can imagine my amazement when she was able to give me a piece of information that completely changed my perspective on life! She psychically perceived that I was born with a set of talents and personality characteristics that were totally in conflict with mass consciousness. As soon as she told me that I understood why I had had a life-long struggle trying to “fit in” which never succeeded and always left me feeling like an abandoned child. With this new information I was able to let go of that feeling of abandonment and open myself to being surrounded by the love of God for the first time in my life! In addition Judith performed some immediate healings on my body and we continue to work on some other healings with excellent results. I leave every session with a sense of clarity about what the emotional reasons are behind any condition and what the next steps are in my healing. Judith has developed her talent and her craft to the highest degree of excellence and integrity and has a very friendly and orderly approach to her work. I highly recommend Judith Morales!

Judith has worked on a relative of mine – off and on – for over five years. This relative did not know that this was happening. She has vasculitsis and a very bad spine.  When I have asked Judith for her help, it has been amazing how well this relative responded. If not for Judith, I am sure that she would have been in a nursing facility.


I’ve been working with Judith Morales for almost 10 years. I was first introduced to her through a trusted friend and at the time was in real need for inner guidance.  I’ve always leaned more on the cautious side but after 1 conversation with Judy, I was hooked. What impressed me most about Judy was her accuracy.  Judy is well spoken, direct yet kind and has a loving nature about her.  She truly is interested in working with people.  Since my initial reading I have recommended Judy to several of my friends, and colleagues in need.  I can’t say enough about Judy, she has been my most trusted guide.
— Sandra

My little brother, Peter, suffered from terrible food allergies. He could not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables and hardly any when cooked either. His throat and mouth would swell and turn red and get very itchy. He would scratch his tongue with a fork. Even a drop of soy sauce on his skin would blister up and burn. Judith worked on him half an hour uncovering reasons for his allergies and correcting them. Now Peter can eat anything he wants. He is so happy for this new freedom. He used to cry because he couldn’t eat an apple or a carrot now he tries everything and can eat the same things as everyone else. Thank you Judith!


I have had issues with my teeth and sometimes I am in so much pain that I can’t chew anything. Judith is able to fix the problem in seconds, alleviating the pain and making it comfterable for me to chew again. She has also healed pulled muscles in my back relieving pain instantly. I call Judith whenever I am in pain and whenever I need guidance. She can tell me intuitively what she sees me doing in the future or what is the best thing for me to do. I am always benefited by and grateful for her advice.

I am very blessed and fortunate to have connected with Judith Morales who is extremely gifted with an uncanny accuracy to medically and intuitively scan the body.  Judith pinpointed my areas that needed attention and explained what could be done to overcome my problems.  Her gentle loving voice and compassion resonate through her readings.  On other worldly and spiritual matters,  Judith can zero in with the clearest advice and clarity.  Her gifts are extraordinary and I highly recommend her to others.  She has helped me immensely and has left a lasting impression in my life.

With gratitude,



In 2004, I kicked my son out of the house (age 30) because of verbal and threatened physical abuse. He had had a series of driving under the influence convictions that culminated in a year in a rehab facility. He hated me but still was in touch with his Father. This changed in 2007 when he turned on his Father also. From 2004 until 2011, he would repeatedly call us on the phone, was abusive, insulting, claiming what terrible parents we were. Most of the time I let him rant and rave on the phone answering machine and recorded the rants. We had to disconnect the phone at night due to these calls at all hours of the night.

This finally escalated to total psychosis and delusions in 2010. He claimed he finally “remembered” occurrences in his childhood (that were so fantastic that no one could possibly believe they happened) in which he was kidnapped by pimps as a child (under age 10), taken to Mexico, testified in Court against them, was kidnapped by Hells Angels who prevented prosecution by surrounding the Court, there was talk of a witness protection plan for us, and on and on with unbelievable happenings. My son also expressed violent desires against the pimps and the Hells Angels to get even. None of this ever hapened. He was never kidnapped by anyone. My son never slept away from us, except for a couple of short camping trips that my older son also went on.

All this while he was seeing a family therapist (not a psychologist or psychiatrist). I eventually wrote to this therapist with a copy of a tape of some of my sons’s most delusional rants asking him to refer my son to a psychiatrist. He evidently did, because my son turned on the therapist and stopped seeing him. I offered to pay for a psychiatrist and meds because of course my son had no insurance which my son refused. (As an aside, my Father was mentally insane and at times my son sounded just like my deceased Father).

Since there was no way my son was going to see a psychiatrist, in desperation, I contacted several spiritual healers who refused to touch him with a 10 foot pole. Through ARE website I was led to Judith who started working on my son in 2010 at the height of my son’s delusions, paranoia, psychosis. We would have a session on average every 3 weeks. Gradually his calls got fewer and less angry toward the end of 2010 and in the spring of 2011 all bad and abusine calls stopped. Now my son claims that in the spring of 2011 he “woke up”.

Since the spring of 2011, he has gotten better and better. At that tme, the terrible calls stopped and I was able to talk civily with him. However he was evidently still drinkng because in late 2011 he went to the ER with delirium tremens. He would call and discuss politics and world events. During this time period he was a union carpenter with long periods of unemployment. He returned to work in the Fall of 2012 and is still working.

When I talk to him now he seems totally normal. My son now says that those memories (the delusions) feel real to him, but he knows they are not real and never occurred in this life time on this planet We have joked about alternate realities.

The last Mother’s Day card I had gotten from him was in 2003 until this Mother’s Day when I got a card from him, a 10 year time elapse.

Also he has started talking to his Father again, sent a Father’s Day card this June (2013), and called on Father’s Day.


This past year in Jan, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Of course, Judith has been working on that too, although I am also getting traditional medical treatment. The last Pet Scan in June showed remarkable improvement. So I’m looking forward to complete remission soon.

Pat in California

My experience with Judith was life changing. I had found her name after an extensive google search of “Psychic Medical Intuitive.” Her name stuck out to me and when I saw her picture something inside led me to her. However, I was hesitant about contacting her because I never did anything like this before. I decided to wait and went to bed contemplating the decision to contact Judith. While I was sleeping I had a dream and a voice came to me. In the dream a voice explained to me that I should trust Judith and that I should be honest with her; let her know all my symptoms even symptoms that I only shared with my doctor. After, the dream I had a peace about contacting Judith and making an appointment.

I have been suffering so long with unexplained symptoms for years that I just learned to live with them thinking no one could help. I was literally at a point in my life that I needed some type of psychic/spiritual intervention. That’s when Judith provided me with a wonderful insightful medical assessment that let me know what was going on inside of my body. I mean from head to toe she pointed out all my symptoms and provided guidance on how to alleviate them and live a better life. I was also impressed with Judith’s connection to the psychic/emotional realm. She was able to detect other emotional factors that were causing some of my symptoms that I would have never realized. I am very thankful that I had a reading by Judith and I recommend her to anyone. It was a wonderful experience.

You are truly a gift!! I first contacted you in 2005-06 . You have been with our family move after move, giving us incredible direction and also healing when needed .Thank you for another incredible reading for directing my son Tyler to follow his dreams and you as always are spot on!! Amazing reading!! You told us his job would be cutting edge. The exact words in his job description !!! Love you!!!