Medical Intuition

Medical IntuitiveMedical Intuition has received much attention recently, especially with the advent of the publications and workshops of Carolyn Myss, Mona Lisa Schultz and others.

Our current medical system is excellent for many maladies, particularly emergencies, and has saved many lives. Unfortunately, however, the allopathic system does not have answers for all our questions, most frequently when the diagnosis is nebulous or there’s no known cure.

Frustration with the imperfection of the current system has propelled the search for other avenues of information, including the Cayce readings and medical intuition.

As an intuitive long interested in healing, I became a Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and developed a specialty in medical intuition.

My approach takes one of two directions, depending on the wishes of the client. The typical format is a full body scan from top to bottom, assessing the systems and organs of the body. The second approach is to focus on a specific issue, describing what is going on, the probable cause and suggestions for improvement. If the client is ready, I also descibe the spiritual/emotional component of the process and suggestions for improvement.

The goal of a medical intuitive reading is to provide useful information to improve or enchance health. An emergency situation usually is a bit late for medical intuitive intervention and needs to be dealt with medically by qualified physicians.

Sometimes a medical reading or body scan can have a humorous twist. Doing a quick scan for a colleague, as I came to the breast area, I saw whitish, filmy looking objects and had no idea what I was seeing. When I described the image, her response was, “Oh, those are my implants.”

A good medical intuitive can tell whether surgery will be successful, which medications will work or not, which herbs are helpful, and which therapies are useful. In one instance, a client’s concern was whether surgery for her shoulder pain would alleviate the problem. My suggestion was that it would not be the solution she hoped for, but she opted to have the surgery, and sure enough, her shoulder pain not only persisted, but became worse. In another case, I suggested that a client get her husband to a cardiologist immediately because I saw blockages in all the arteries leading to the heart. They responded quickly and saved her husband’s life. In the case of a client who was HIV positive and ready to spend all of his retirement money, I suggested some herbs along with his medical protocol and he is now well, enjoying life and looking forward to a healthy retirement from teaching. In his case, the readings have helped him decide which medicines and alternatives will work best, as well as which doctors were more effective for him.

As with any information, intuitive or otherwise, the best course of action is to follow one’s own inner knowing to do what seems best, realizing that no one is 100% accurate 100% of the time and trusting that all is in Divine Order.