Does Gratitude Really Make a Difference?

The “Attitude of Gratitude” is often touted as a way attracting that which is desired, of escaping depression, embracing joy and being who you really want to be.

So, does it really work?

If it really works, what is the best way to incorporate it into daily life?

Is there a proven system?

Personal experience is the most convincing evidence for most of us. My experience is simply that continuing to express gratitude, from the heart, with feeling, in the face of a reality that seems to be other than the desired one really can transport one from a negative framework into a more positive, hopeful one.

Sometimes it takes real searching to find what is right in life, what merits genuine gratitude, but just starting with the fact that we have one more day on earth is a beginning. It is important to find what is right with life, right now, and be thankful for that, whatever it might be, rather than focusing on what is not right, what needs to be improved or what is still missing.

Whatever receives our energy, attention, thoughts and feelings is what will become more reinforced and have a stronger presence in our world. “Where your attention goes, the energy flows” seems to be a universal truth.

The key is that if you want a better, happier life, gratitude is a factor that can propel you into that better place.

One of my personal favorite ways of expressing gratitude is the practice of going outside daily, walking around and giving thanks for everything I see. The trees, plants, flowers, fruit trees and all living things seem to respond to the gratitude and love sent to them. Not only does this ritual begin the day on a positive note, but it elicits gratitude for everything else good in my life, including what is yet to come.

Constantly expressing gratitude also raises the vibratory frequency to a higher level which is the level of alignment necessary for the manifestation of good things waiting to come into existence.

Gratitude makes you feel good, opens the gates for good things to manifest and paves the way for even more gratitude. Gratitude, practiced and expressed creates the ideal win-win situation.

Is there anyone who doesn’t want that?