Association for Research and Enlightenment

Association of Research and EnlightenmentGaining a place on the coveted list of ARE referred intuitives is an arduous, rigorous process. First, one must be nominated for the auditioning process. Then the candidate must do a long distance intuitive reading for both Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed, both of whom grade the candidate, compare scores and decided who meets the criteria for the panel. When I auditioned along with approximately twenty other people, only five were selected. Then it was another year before I was invited to Virginia Beach to participate in the workshop “Edgar Cayce’s Legacy” held every year at the end of February.

During the workshop, each psychic panelist participated in all segments of the workshop designed to develop one’s intuitive abilities and performed readings for the participants. The purpose of performing the readings was to provide models of various methods of receiving intuitive information so that the participants could experience two readings from different people and have two different models from which to develop their own intuitive abilities. The workshop is an excellent way to spend a week developing your latent abilities and has a history of excellent results.