Nurturing Your Intuition

Being on the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment, founded by Edgar Cayce) list of “field tested psychics” prompts calls and emails with questions about whether just anyone can develop intuitive ability or whether it is a gift from God bestowed only on a select few.

Edgar Cayce believed that the ability lies dormant in all of us and that the ability can be developed with diligence, patience, and the employment of some specific suggestions.

My theory is that the information we seek resides in the energy around us and finding or accessing that information is simply a matter of expanding one’s awareness to different energy fields or vibratory levels. Just as a radio can be tuned to a multitude of stations, a television to a multitude of channels and each cell phone carrier operates on a different network, we can tune our minds into picking up information that is always around us.

The trick is in learning to pay attention in a different way. This different kind of paying attention is facilitated by self hypnosis, meditation and various breathing techniques which deliberately change the brain wave cycles to the lower stages of alpha. Being in this alert, receptive, quiet state allows the information to get through the muddle of the conscious mind.

How many times have you been engaged in a mindless activity and suddenly you get a solution to a problem you’ve been thinking about? Or how many times have you dreamed a solution? Or how many times have you been thinking about someone and you either connected with that person or heard something about that person? What about knowing who is calling (without caller ID)? These and countless other similar experiences are examples of tuning into information that is always available to us, whether the specifics came directly into the awareness, whether it is a telepathic connection or whether it is information from our own guides, angels, other evolved beings or perhaps even from our loved ones who have gone to the other side.

Nurturing your intuitive ability requires attention and practice, just as improving or enhancing any skill involves reinforcing what works, learning from what does not work. Frequently, intuitive information seems to be only partially correct, leading to discouragement. Sometimes what seems to be wrong in retrospect or that perfect hindsight is just a matter of misinterpretation of the information.

Intuition flows best in a relaxed, neutral, slightly altered state which results from lowered brainwave cycles. This is easily achieved in meditation, ancient breathing techniques or light hypnosis which occurs naturally for all of us several times a day.

Here are some suggestions for nurturing your intuition:

  • Practice little things such as guessing who is calling when the phone rings. The more you practice, the more accurate you will become.
  • As you retrieve your daily mail, think about what you will find that day.
  • When you find yourself thinking of someone you have not seen or heard from for awhile, pay attention to how either someone else mentions that person, you meet that individual in an unexpected place or perhaps you even receive direct communication such as a phone call, email or snail mail.
  • Your own innovation, creativity and desire to expand your awareness will lead you to daily opportunities to nuture and expand your very own intuition.

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