Curses, Unseen Influences and Other Connections

What the Bleep Do We Know!? initiated many people into the concept of unification of energy, that our universe really is all connected and therefore, each of us humans is connected to all other humans and all life for that matter on our planet and perhaps beyond that even.

A recent conversation with someone who was told that ancestral curses were blocking her success simply reinforced the premise that all of us are part of such a huge conglomerate of energy that most of us have no idea how much those unseen influences affect our daily lives, our health and sense of well being.

On the one hand, it seems totally irrational that any sane, semi logical person could entertain the notion that contracts with ancestors, curses from them, spirit attachments and other dimensions actually exist. If they did exist, how could something so remote possibly affect us?

On the other hand, quantum physics and spiritual teachings state clearly that indeed we all are part of the same vast sea of energy and that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect that sea of energy and conversely, the sea of energy composed of everyone else’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors affects us. Energy and all its components transcend our concepts of time, space, other dimensions and other existences.

Collective consciousness can and does include the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors of our ancestors to the beginning of recorded time and beyond. The thoughts, vows, oaths, beliefs and memories of their lives continue past time, space, dimensions and other existences to come into our lives and affect us in various ways. Sometimes ancestral curses block us from achieving certain goals, cause problems in relationships or even contribute to illnesses.

These and other unseen influences, trivial events and unconscious connections can disturb our balance and harmony and result in imbalances ranging from minor to major illnesses. One of the most common occurrences of unseen influences is the belief in alien abductions, alien implants, surgery, etc. Whether this is true or not really does not change the fact that because countless people truly believe in these things, the belief becomes part of the collective consciousness of which we are all part. Those beliefs affect all of us to one degree or another.

One client believed that a jealous aunt who had died many years earlier had cursed her, resulting in her never finding a happy relationship. Now that the curse has been energetically removed, her life is much happier and she is in the relationship of her dreams. Ancestral curses are simply the energies of ancestors that travel along genetic lines, manifesting in life as influences that combine with other influences, contributing to other energies that create the undesired results. These are easily identified and cleared with the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine, thus eliminating the influences, clearing the way for more positive thoughts and influences to help create a desired world.

Until Dr. Kam Yuen pioneered his work in Chinese Energetic Medicine, there was no reliable, learnable way of identifying and clearing these issues, removing the energetic blocks or disturbances. Now, a trained practitioner in the Chinese Energetic method can identify the disturbances, find where they are coming from and make energetic corrections that restore balance, harmony and wellness to anyone. Curses, vows, oaths and ancestral influences disappear, karma resolved and health, well being and prosperity at all levels can be restored.