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Happy Dog Stories – A Combination of Remote Viewing and Intuition

The week of Thanksgiving presented two opportunities for gratitude in a most unusual way. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving a friend called to ask me to pray for the resolution of a potentially serious situation involving her son. It seems he has a vet clinic near a large town, along a major, very busy expressway. A […]

Manifest Your Desires

Information, books, articles, videos and all manner of media exist to tell, show and help in the manifestation of desires. The release of The Secret video and book brought the whole idea of manifestation and creating one’s own reality to the forefront of mass consciousness. For the first time in recorded history, ordinary people began […]

Does Gratitude Really Make a Difference?

The “Attitude of Gratitude” is often touted as a way attracting that which is desired, of escaping depression, embracing joy and being who you really want to be. So, does it really work? If it really works, what is the best way to incorporate it into daily life? Is there a proven system? Personal experience […]

Curses, Unseen Influences and Other Connections

What the Bleep Do We Know!? initiated many people into the concept of unification of energy, that our universe really is all connected and therefore, each of us humans is connected to all other humans and all life for that matter on our planet and perhaps beyond that even. A recent conversation with someone who […]

Nurturing Your Intuition

Being on the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment, founded by Edgar Cayce) list of “field tested psychics” prompts calls and emails with questions about whether just anyone can develop intuitive ability or whether it is a gift from God bestowed only on a select few. Edgar Cayce believed that the ability lies dormant in […]


Hypnosis conjures images of stage hypnotists, people barking like dogs, engaging in humorous behaviors and demonstrating actions totally different from their normal reality, often making fools of themselves for the benefit of the audience. This is the entertainment aspect of hypnosis, but only a small percentage of the population is receptive to this kind of […]