ReadingsReadings provide information about your past, present or future which can be valuable in helping you make decisions regarding your life’s direction, relationships which may or may not be congruent with your mission, finances, career paths or simply the best and highest path to take in any given situation.

Readings can help you understand what you have already set in motion for your future and how you can invest the time and energy to change that future if you prefer another path.

The future is a composite of thoughts, feelings and decisions already made which work together with other influences to create the events of your future. Unless you intervene, most likely, the future you have set up ( already in process) will manifest as your reality. It is definitely possible to change the future by making different decisions right now. The point of power is in the present.

The advantage of knowing the future you have set up is that if is not what you want, then you do have the option of investing time and energy to change it to some degree.

Readings can also be very therapeutic. Sometimes, just hearing an intuitive tell you the good attributes you possess, all the good you have to offer and the potential of your life is enough to make you appreciate the good in your life and focus on that rather than what is not in your life.

Readings can also help you make the spiritual reconnection you may have been missing by making you more aware of the angels around you, your own guides and masters and the wonderful unseen forces influencing your life in a positive way.