Hypnosis conjures images of stage hypnotists, people barking like dogs, engaging in humorous behaviors and demonstrating actions totally different from their normal reality, often making fools of themselves for the benefit of the audience. This is the entertainment aspect of hypnosis, but only a small percentage of the population is receptive to this kind of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can in fact be a valuable tool to discover the origin of an illness, the cause of a relationship issue or a deep seated problem hidden from ordinary scrutiny.

One of the most controversial uses involves past life regressions, wherein one can actually experience the sensations of another life in another context and time. For those who do not believe in past lives, this is just an exercise in creative fantasy, but for those who do, a wonderful therapeutic value can result.

One woman discovered that overeating has been a characteristic of this lifetime because she starved in another time and vowed never to do that again.

Another person discovered the reason she could not leave an addictive relationship was due to an unresolved relationship with that same partner in another time and space location.

Actually just a shift in brain wave frequency, accompanied by a sense of deep relaxation and internal rather than external focus, the classical definition of hypnosis is an activity we all engage in several times a day. Daydreams, fantasies, guided imagery are all examples of light levels of hypnosis. Waking up or going to sleep engages the same mechanism, as does the deep concentration involved in studying, reading absorbing material, video games, etc.

Although a multitude of books, CD’s and instructions are available for DIY consumers, induced hypnosis is a skill best done by a trained practitioner who can extricate the client from a frightening situation or the reliving a trauma too overwhelming in the moment.

One of the most common, extremely valuable uses of hypnosis is simply accessing the alpha state for creative visualization of desired goals, life changes, improvement of sports.

Guided meditations offer an easy path to these ends, but it is also easy to do without the aid of external stimuli. Just paying attention to breathing, noticing only the breathing will automatically alter the brain waves from beta to alpha within seconds with practice. The alpha state is the designated state for creative visualization, healing yourself, nearly any kind of meditation and for creating a general sense of well being. Simply being in alpha for a few minutes a day is an excellent method of reducing stress, tension and anxiety.

So, for a life of less stress, more well- being and the joy of creating the life you desire, try hypnosis (or guided meditation or creative visualization). Whatever name is has, being in alpha or lower brainwave frequencies for a period time each day has definite value and benefit in living a happier, healthier life!