Happy Dog Stories – A Combination of Remote Viewing and Intuition

The week of Thanksgiving presented two opportunities for gratitude in a most unusual way.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving a friend called to ask me to pray for the resolution of a potentially serious situation involving her son. It seems he has a vet clinic near a large town, along a major, very busy expressway. A family had boarded their little Chihuahua at this clinic while they were on vacation. The techs had put the little dog in a kennel with a gap through which he escaped, with no one noticing.

The bottom line is that five days had already passed with no sign of the Chihuahua.

Telling my friend that certainly I would pray for the happy resolution of that issue and that her son avoid a lawsuit, I said that logically there was little chance the dog could have survived five days near a busy freeway.

Scanning the situation, I saw that the dog was lost in fields, trying to get home, but was confused. Then I noticed that a family would take him in, find his tags, call the office and he would be returned and then returned to his own family.

Several hours later my friend called back to tell me that right after our conversation, the dog was returned to the office, healthy and strong, awaiting the return of his family. Exactly what I saw is what transpired.

The second dog story began Thanksgiving morning with a call from a client for whom I had done a reading the previous week.

Apologizing for calling on Thanksgiving Day, she stated that her dog, who had never left the yard, was gone. Because it was an emergency and I love dogs, I told her I would give her a max of 10 minutes because my hands were in food, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner.

Again, tuning into the dog’s name, scanning the situation, I saw him go down his street, turn left and go through some fields to his right. She lives in a very wooded area with few fields. I also saw that this dog was following another big brown dog who had enticed him to explore the area. Then I saw him in a truck and told her that he would be back around 3 or 4 that afternoon and that she should keep checking all the fields in that area.

She and her friend were driving everywhere, looking for the dog when the friend noticed a dog getting out of a truck. Realizing that this was the missing dog, she claimed him, put him in her car and took him home around 3:30pm.

The dog had gone to a man’s workshop and did not want to leave, so the gentleman loaded him into his truck and took him home to begin the search for his owners.

The friend saw the dog just as he was getting out of the truck I saw him in.

Both instances are examples of using remote viewing and intuition to find the dogs. The primary difference in the descriptions of remote viewing versus intuition is that remote viewing uses targets, coordinates or preconceived locations to be described while intuition usually focuses on meaningful situations for clients. Remote viewing can garner useful information, but it uses a defined protocol, while intuition can use any representational system to access information.